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 Lounge about with your family and friends this Autumn right here next to the fire  where would you rather be?  Welcome to Gunu Berrima, our Tuscan homestead in the middle of the Australian bush. We have weekends free for a mid winter getaway in June and July. Check Air BNB for available dates  @luisabrimble  Summer daze at Gunu  @luisabrimble
 Wake up to mornings like this at Gunu. #heaven #berrima #autumn #sohi #southernhighlands #getaway #airbnb #country #retreat  Sunday night blues? With Easter fast approaching wouldn't you love to get away with your family, friends and enjoy the simplicity and serenity of the country. Check out Air BNB for reservation requests. Click link in profile   Summer days poolside at Gunu
 Our stables suite has a cute @mark_tuckey daybed in an adjoining room. Perfect for two families to enjoy a weekend away together. #getaway #southernhighlands #sohi #autumn #berrima @luisabrimble  As the sun sets over Gunu this is one gorgeous spot. Glass of wine in hand, perhaps a cheese board and good company. Check out AirBNB for available dates for your perfect weekender or click on link through profile 🥂  We love this gorgeous photo so much by @nicklearycollections much we have one in our little breakfast nook #nicklearycollections
 Autumn vibes The perfect spot of a memorable getaway check AirBNB for availability @luisabrimble  Lounge about Gunu in the gorgeous open plan lounge, kitchen and living area. Check out Air BNB for accomodation details ✌  Dreaming of indulging in this amazing charcuterie board by the pool on a sunny summer afternoon ☀️